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something wicca this way comes...



hello, there! i didn't properly introduce myself yet so here we go:

i'm ally she/her currently 22 years old, starting university this fall with the aspiration to become a teacher. you might have stumbled upon my almost one decade old project: minakos-sailormoonpage.net a fan-site dedicated to one of the most famous magical girl animes: bishoujo senshi sailor moon!

but since my main-project isn't exactly involving plenty of graphical work, i decided to join aphelion-design when it was first founded by the amazingly talented yumi back in 2018 . i'm incredibly happy to be a part of this team and basically to thrive my graphic skills on here! therefore i finally uploaded my own stuff and of course i would be more than delighted to see you using them!

that's it for now but stay healthy & safe

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