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*taps mic* is this thing on?



uhm, hi.
i am not much the kind of person for greetings, especially when i'm writing news. but anyways! i guess it is time to finally introduce myself, i guess?

well, if you might have ran into a site named HEIMDALLR.moe, well then... yes, that is my site. if you haven't seen the site yet, then it's fine! my name's finnley, by the way, but finn's just enough. i am the co-admin of the site and have been part of aphelion since three years. by the way, if you ask why i 'm still uploading graphics on heimdallr while i'm part of a graphics site, then the answer is quite obvious: the style and content might be different.

enough of my person-- i brought some stuff here. it's not much, but it's something i have started working on for the past couple days. this is the new stuff, however, there are still some old graphics lingering around that i updated during the site's reboot, so i won't really count them in.

depending on how much time and motivation, i will upload more-- right now, though. i am quite a bit busy with the reboot of my personal projects; so whenever i find the time and motivation for stuff, i will upload them here at the time.

have a great one, and please, check the previous news by my webmate fuji, if you haven't yet!

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